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Introducing Advanced PACS - Revolutionizing Security
Our Physical Access Control Systems have redefined the security sphere tailored to the demands of today's businesses. We bring effective and seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with intuitive designs.
Leading the Way with Gate &
Door Automation
Our gate and door automation solutions lead the way in access control, establishing a secure standard for entry points. Powered by innovation, we go beyond mere response to threats, proactively anticipating and neutralizing them.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities with Our All-Inclusive PACS Offerings

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Gate & Door Automation

Pioneering secure and effortless entries and exits, we offer an experience that marries convenience and uncompromising security.

Vehicle Automatic Barrier

Our intelligent vehicle access control solution ensures that only authorized vehicles gain entry, keeping unwanted threats at bay.
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Heavy Vehicle Mitigation

Defending against heavy vehicle threats is no longer a challenge with our specialized solutions designed to enhance security measures.

Pedestrian Access Solutions

Safeguard your premises while effectively managing pedestrian movement, creating a secure environment for all.
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Access Control Systems

Experience exceptional control over your security infrastructure, granting access only to those who belong, and keeping out those who don't.

Parking Solutions

Streamline your parking operations with our comprehensive guidance and management system, optimizing efficiency and ensuring a seamless parking experience.
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Why Choose Stebilex Systems, Egypt?

Tailored Sales Assistance
Our experts guide you to the perfect solution, ensuring maximum satisfaction.
Empowering Your Team
Avail top-notch training services, empowering your workforce with cutting-edge knowledge.
Seamless Project Documentation
We handle every detail, ensuring a smooth and well-documented project execution.
Innovative Consultation and Design
Let us transform your vision into reality with our innovative expertise.
Reliable After Sales Support
Count on us for ongoing support and assistance even after project completion.
Efficient Logistics Support
Our efficient logistics ensure timely and hassle-free delivery of your solutions.

Looking for a robust solution? Secure your automation needs with advanced security solutions specially catered for Egypt.

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